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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  What is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball is a highly competitive, tournament based league ranging in age from 10-18 years.  NOMAR teams practice twice weekly and players are encouraged to participate in skill specific clinics on a weekly basis throughout the season.  Tournaments are held roughly every three weeks, beginning in January and ending in mid to late May.

2.  Where do teams practice?

NOMAR practices are normally held in Novato at Hill Gymnasium, Downtown Recreation Center (Novato Gymnastics Center), the New Hamilton Gym, or the Novato Youth Center.

3.  Where are tournaments held?

Tournament locations are based upon leagues and team rankings, so while we can’t know for sure ahead of time where specific tourneys will be held, the NCVA typically posts locations one week ahead of time.  League Qualifying tournaments and League Finals are typically held in convention centers, e.g., Sacramento, San Mateo, or San Jose.  The locations will change throughout the season as your team becomes more competitive, as the goal is to place similarly skilled teams together.

All NOMAR teams will play in special tournaments throughout the season, such as California Kickoff, Golden State Qualifier, Bayview Classic, and/or the Presidents Day Tournament. All teams will participate in the Far Westerns Qualifier in Reno.

4.  What is the cost associated with club volleyball?

As has been its custom, NOMAR continues to keep its price tag reasonable while maintaining a high impact volleyball experience. We believe in creating more opportunities for girls to discover the joy of high quality volleyball in a safe, fun, and competitive environment without creating financial hardships for our families.

Club dues for the 2020 season are $2800 per player. Parents will also need to register their daughter with the NCVA and that fee is $70 (paid directly to the NCVA at time of registration). Club dues cover uniforms and player gear including jerseys (2), spandex, warm-up shirt, practice T’s, back pack, warm-up jacket. Club dues also cover the cost of gym rental, league fees, insurance, coaches’ salaries and administrative costs.

NOMAR teams typically play in 3 multi-day tournaments: California Kickoff (January), President’s Day (February), and Far Westerns (April).  Club dues cover the team entry fees for all three tournaments but hotels (when needed), meals and transportation costs are covered by each family.

Most league and special tournaments are “commutable” events and parents/players may choose to drive back and forth. Far Westerns is in Reno, NV and parents/players will be responsible for hotel accommodations, transportation, meals and entertainment (estimated less than $500).

5.  How do I pay my club dues and when are they due?

Club dues may be paid in full or in three installments:  the first installment of $1,600 is due at the parent meeting/sizing party in November of 2019 (date & time TBD). The final two installments will be of $600 each due on January 1, 2020 and February 1, 2020.

Please Note:  There is a $200 reduction in dues for those who choose to pay in full at the meeting.

6.  Why should my daughter play with NOMAR?

1. It’s fun!  Tournament play is much faster paced than clinic, CYO or school volleyball, and it’s exciting!

2. LOTS of VB action!  Each tournament, teams will play at least four matches and usually more!  In two to three tourneys, your daughter will play in more games than most school seasons.

3. In addition to scheduled practices, NOMAR runs skill specific clinics throughout the season so players can fine tune their game even more.

4. The coaching staff of NOMAR brings a wide variety of backgrounds including; high school coaches, long time club coaches and former and current players.  We coach year round and as a team, have been coaching NOMAR for 16 years.

5. Middle and high school competition is becoming more and more competitive.  Girls who play club have a greater chance of making their school team and/or breaking into the starting lineup. Players from across the 2019 squads are playing at the Varsity, JV, and Freshman levels across Marin, and in the CYO competitive and developmental leagues.

6. This year, NOMAR VBC celebrates its 19th season and we are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years.  We offer a high quality program with great integrity and high moral standards!  We like to have fun with our players but keep teaching the game at the forefront of our philosophy. 

7.  On which team will my daughter be placed?

Your daughter’s placement will be made shortly after tryouts.  She will be phoned or emailed with information about on which team she has been selected to play.  She will have 24 hours to accept or decline.  In some instances we will offer spots to players at the conclusion of a tryout.

The Power League is more competitive and teams are ranked tournament by tournament and play similarly ranked teams.  Power League teams may/usually travel further to tourneys.  Premier League (area league) teams travel less distances (90 minutes or less from Marin).  Premier League program will rank teams as well and match up teams by division as the season moves along.

We attempt to place all who tryout with us but sadly, we sometimes cannot offer spots to all interested players.

8.  Which NOMAR teams will play Power League and which will play Premier?

We will determine the strength of each team at tryouts and place them in the appropriate division.  It is always our goal to place our 1’s teams in the Power League.